Six Décor Tips to Wow Your Visitors!

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Interior design blogs, TV shows and magazines have taught us what the ultimate home should look like. Today we are going to show you how to take a few key pieces, add them to your home and watch it turn from just being furnished to being classy and sophisticated as well! These tips will show you that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, but invest in a few things that will elevate your home.

1. Floor length curtains. It adds height and length to any room! Drawing your eyes upward and will make the room seem larger and more dressed up.
long drapes
2. Side tables.
Adding another visual element such as side tables will bring appeal and will anchor a room nicely.

3. Elegant lighting options. Chandeliers, lanterns and sconces are all easy ways to upgrade the look of your rooms. They will seem more refined with this added touch.
kitchen chandelier4. Exotic greenery. We are not saying you need a whole greenhouse but incorporating a few exotic plants or flowers will definitely add an interesting conversation starter!

5. Luxurious linens. Not only will your guests appreciate a fresh, white, fluffy bath towel but they will elevate your space to an extravagant place only afforded by few.

6. Intelligent coffee table books. Placing books out on the coffee table or bookshelf will give an impression of worldliness and intellect. Consider books on travel, art, photography or one, two or all six of these tips to turn your home into a sophisticated abode! Your guests will be amazed at the small changes and how big of an impact they will make. #ShorewestRealtors #Decor #ShorewestTips

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